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nearby building that security guard was at the scene during the fire and was taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. the truck was stolen from hayward last week. finals resume at san jose city college for the first time since the campus was locked down yesterday because of reports of a gunman on campus. no gun man was found. terry mcsweeney -- will tell us more about the jitters there. >> reporter: yeah, this morning, police continue their search not for a gunman but for the people -- more than one person who is responsible for the pandemonium here at san jose city college yesterday. take a look at pictures started 4:30 yesterday afternoon. everything you see the result of a 911 call to police saying that another person had told the caller that they had seen
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someone with a rifle near the tech center. students got text alerts and the campus was cleared. journalism students had the best view of everything >> basically they came through a side door and ordered us, hands up, drop your cameras, drop whatever you are doing and at which point they told us what they were going to do, frisk us, check our bags and let us out. >> reporter: these are pictures from the students at san jose city college. everything you see based on a call from someone who had been told by someone else they did see a man with a t-shirt with a rifle on campus, nobody way rifle found everything given the all-clear yesterday. campus police defending what they did, saying they cannot take a chance. had it been a real incident and they had not responded then what would we be saying
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this morning? terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. a bay area congresswoman taking action today to help america's school security in the wake of the connecticut tragedy. president obama is about to detail a sweeping effort to curb gun violence. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the issues of school safety and gun control came up shortly after friday's shooting. this morning heavy hitters announcing real plans. 7 a.m. senator boxer will talk about her new legislation to strengthen security at schools. it will provide state and local officials with new resources and tools to help secure campuses. at 8:45, president obama will outline steps his administration will take to tighten gun restrictions that could include a ban on assault-style weapons. the president is putting vice president biden in charge
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of that. in connecticut today, more funerals. teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest, parents will bury more children. parents say they take comfort in the thought their daughter is with her friends. >> i envision all of them holding hands, they are all together up there with the wonderful principal. >> reporter: the investigation into lanza cnn reporting toxicology tests are underway to determine if he had been taking medication prior to the murders. investigators are trying to get information from his smashed commuter. cnn says -- smashed computer, cnn says they've been unable to get data from it. katie marzullo, abc7 news. across the country people are still finding ways to deal with their emotions from the tragedy, including many who turned pout for a candlelight
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vigil in pleasanton they came to console through words, music and art one man says he's heartbroken at a time of year when people should be celebrating life. no one was more moved than ann fisher who grew up with one of the shooting victims, vicki soto. >> i called 5:30 that night and vicki did not make it, she was one of the teachers who was killed. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ >> i'm going to say thank you for doing this for them. i know the people in connecticut would love this. >> people told abc7 news the event did help them feel a little better knowing that healing has begun. >> we are in the middle of a freeze warning this morning. bay area temperatures are the coldest since january. some are braving these extreme conditions to fill an extremely desperate need. amy hollyfield is live at
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glide memorial. >> reporter: check out the line here. they are waiting to get free bags of groceries that will be handed out later this morning. the line already stretches down the block and around the corner. check out this maze of barricades that they've created to handle all the people to help them snake around this block is shutdown because of the number of people they are expecting. this is happening on a very cold night. one of those nights in the bay area where people had to bring animals inside, blankets on the horses in the north bay where a freeze warning was in effect. volunteers spent the night searching the streets for homeless people trying to help them get inside. >> hurts to see people on the street period. cold, it is not good, makes you -- makes me appreciate what i have. i want to do something.
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>> reporter: here at glide memorial in sarah palin people started lining up after dinner last night -- in san francisco people started lining up after dinner last night. groceries will be handed out at 7:30 this morning they plan to hand out five city 500 bags -- out 5500 bags. they think they have to turn some away. that's why some are in line all night to receive groceries. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> road crews will wait until after tomorrow's storm to repair damage to a washed out portion of road in contra costa county. an employee discovered the damage monday along the edge of marsh creek near clayton a culvert failed washing out the earth next to the road officials put metal plates over the damaged shoulder. officials are concerned the sinkhole could grow and wash
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away the road. this morning search teams will begin looking for a small plane that may have crashed in yosemite national park the plane disappeared from radar monday night the pilot was nicole wilson a man in his 60s he had taken off headed for mammoth lakes. yosemite officials will be back out again looked today. this morning san leandro police searching for a man suspected of robbing a downtown bank officers swarmed the area on east 14th street yesterday afternoon. police say a man walked into a bank passed a note to a teller, the note indicated he had a gun officers thought the man was still in the bank, he wind. investigators have not released a detailed description. any minute "time" magazine is expected to announce its
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2012 person of the year there's some bay area contenders at the top of that list. marissa mayer, ceo and tim cook, she took the top job in june cook replaced jobs last year. the other six nominees cloud president obama, bill and hillary clinton, egyptian president morsi and undocumented americans. 4:39. freeze warnings out there. >> i think frost also a possibility. let's see who is dealing with what now. both of you have car thermometers right? what was the lowest you got? >> mine said stay home. >> i was too cold to push the button. >> we knew it was going to be a thick frost most dangerous north bay freeze warnings until 8:00, close to seeing
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lows around 25°, also frost advisory east bay valleys bay shoreline into the santa clara valley lows approach upper 20s in some of those areas hopefully, you took care of the pets and plants last night. calm conditions out there, three mile per our wind at hayward, the temperature you see is the temperature you will feel. today we are going to warm into the 50s, under a mostly sunny sky. as we head towards tomorrow, increasing clouds, best chance of rain north bay, mid to upper 50s everybody gets rain friday into saturday still in the mid to upper 50s. good morning. san mateo bridge things are looking good both directions pardon me this is the toll plaza, everything is looking good, no delays into san francisco. here's the san mateo bridge headlights eastbound towards hayward westbound from clawiter, industrial across
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the span good to the limit towards foster city many problem santa cruz mountains ben lomond area highway 9 glen arbor both directions shutdown, a jeep hit a tree which fell into the wires which put the wires into the road chp saying at least noon until that road is reopened roadwork eastbound 4 lover lidge typical until 5:30, -- westbound out of antioch at the limit towards concord. next, stopping abuses at the top. local lawmaker presides over financial reforms after a scandal that he brought on himself. amazing scene in the pacific northwest after the rain proves to be too much for a hillside. first, here's this morning's tech bites. samsung will finish the year as the top cell phone brand. know -- nokia was hurt by slower selling windows phone
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apple in third. popular app has a new look, new interface is sexier and less geeky. >> ever note before was reliable and good and people liked it but didn't enjoy using it. evernote 5 is a step up in design. >> available now for all apple devices versions for other operating systems are comin
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good morning. 4:44 on this wednesday a cold one from the coldest temperatures since january 30s, 20s, meteorologist mike nicco watching a freeze warning and frost advisory.
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[ inaudible ] update on a dog reported abandoned in santa cruz county. we told you yesterday a woman told the suz susz animal shelter she found this spaniel with a sign that read homeless the dog had to be put down. the woman wasn't telling the truth, the dog belonged to her. investigators say she admitted she couldn't afford to pay for the euthanasia fee. investigation continues into allegations a santa clara supervisor misused a county credit card the board bassed new policies to prevent -- passed new policies to prevent future abuse. >> reporter: the man on the hot seat was running the supervisor's meeting george shirakawa is president of the board his colleagues are trying to tighten procedures when supervisors use a county
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issued credit card. auditors suggest over four years shirakawa's office spent over 30,000 in public funs that violated rules. shirakawa and the other four voted unanimously to approve stricter rules the d.a.'s office and commission conducting investigations leaving a cloud over shirakawa. >> i disagree there's a cloud. obviously, i take responsibility for my actions and i was glad to vote for the ordinance. >> reporter: where do you think is going? >> i have no further comment. >> reporter: expenses will be reviewed faster. >> i will be reviewing them as they come in >> reporter: executive smith acknowledged expenses in the past were not subject to a thorough audit a saysor believes public trust will be restored. >> we have to clear it up quickly and -- and make sure our policies are not only solid, and sound but enforced on a regular timely base i.
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>> reporter: the d.a.'s office isn't saying where the -- investigation into shirakawa stands. david louie, abc7 news. 4:46. as we deal with bitter cold temperatures people in southern california got high winds overnight a tree came down on a car in los angeles, fortunately the driver was not injured.tz4,lúq! car was badly. neighborhoods across l.a. crews are working over time to try to restore power, reminding residents winter is almost here. folks in the northwest cleaning up damage left by a storm weather getting the blame for this mudslide in washington state. a 75 foot wall of mud and debris rolls off a hillside into that passing train and derails it, this happened monday near everett.
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a man said he had a feeling something was going to go wrong >> we told you earlier that time magazine was picking is person of the year. the announcement has been made. >> president obama, we told you a couple tech titans from the bay area were in the running. ceos of yahoo and apple, i guess it is the ceo of the country. >> i think he got more votes than they did in the last election. >> they will give the explanation in a moment. let's pass along the freezing news. it is cold, old man winter wouldn't win that contest today. -- [ unintelligible ] cold temperatures from mount tamalpais sausalito in the foreground, san francisco and visibility under this clear, cold air almost
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unlimited to nearly the south bay as we look from 2800 feet up. radar and satellite live doppler yesterday we were tracking storms over the ocean today not a cloud to be found, not a return to be found, bone dry and cold out there all the moisture sitting around the cars, on rooftops, on the grass in the form of frost and a lot of inland areas some starting to form along the peninsula near 34 in red -- in redwood city away from that it could be cooler 40s oakland and san francisco, monterey bay inland mid 30s to upper 30s everybody is going to get frost there. a lot of sunshine today, still on the cool side almost as chilly tonight rain on the way thursday more friday, saturday,
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sunday. high pressure dominating, in between storms the jet stream is going to drive in next one towards us, starting tomorrow in the north bay and then most of us will get it friday, saturday, sunday. this evening 5:00, maybe a shower around mendocino county, that's it, even overnight, dry air on us is going to undercut this storm a few sprinkles morning commute and north bay, moderate rain moves in during the afternoon and hang out there for the evening hours thursday night into friday morning all of us will be dealing with wet weather friday's morning commute into the evening we are going to have the toughest time getting around outside the north bay. river of rain heaviest north bay mountains if we have any flooding concerns that's where it would be. more rain friday, saturday and showers sunday once we get past the weekend monday and
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tuesday are looking dry. travel advisory for those of you heading north on i-5 shutdown north of yreka massive pile-up due to black ice last night southbound getting by with traffic control shutdown with no estimated time of reopening. san jose north 87 headlights past hp pavilion, julian exit, everything is moving nicely, macarthur maze from east 580 and south 880 and 80p'pz west nicely flowing into the bay bridge toll, no problems there. out of the central valley 205, tracy at the limit, no issues westbound. roadwork still in lanes westbound dumbarton bridge until 5:00 this morning for a few more minutes. northbound 880 from 92 to embarcadero various closures due to roadwork. coming up, manhunt on
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right now after a daring escape from a federal lock-up. how two inmates got away 20 stories up. bay area driver in a tight spot. where he was going and why he
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officers faced an unusual challenge in marin county, how to free a driver who wedged his car on to a bike path. the elderly driver was trying to get on 101 near greenbrae nvg confused he drove on to a bike path and found himself jammed in between the concrete wall. >> vehicle was wedged in pretty well we had to pull it loose with a tow truck once free other officer was able to get into the driver's seat and back the vehicle up. >> officer had to scratch and scrape the car to wiggle it loose. he then backed it out. the 87-year-old driver told
4:54 am
abc7 news he was on his way to get an eye exam at the department of motor vehicles when he made that wrong turn. thankfully, he's okay. it could have been really bad and tragic. >> obviously very agile chp officer. >> you don't see that often. >> this morning it is cold. how cold? >> what does your cartel you? >> 20s and 30s now only places in the 40s oakland and san francisco, thick frost inland. in the afternoon a lot of sunshine, low to mid 50s. traveling the state doppler radar is quiet across most neighborhoods, rain and high elevation snow moving into eureka and shasta today. tahoe 33 today, winter storm watch tomorrow morning through saturday afternoon into the evening, two to five feet of
4:55 am
snow possible down to tahoe basin. >> light traffic san francisco towards the bay bridge oakland side everything looking good, mostly clear upper deck into the city. south 101 past lucas valley road, headlights towards central san rafael, very light out of novato no issues, no fog, no problems on the golden gate. "sig alert" santa cruz mountains near ben lomond highway 9 ben arbor shutdown car hit a free that hit the wires who -- hit a tree that hit the wires. no estimated time of reopening. breaking news in the south bay, firefighters have found a body while responding to an early morning fire in campbell. police and fire are at the scene behind the whole foods market, we are told the fire ed in a detached garage
4:56 am
near an apartment complex there. no word on -- details just a body was discovered in that parking structure that burned. we have a news crew heading to the scene. this morning a massive manhunt underway for two men who made a daring escape from a federal lockup in downtown chicago they tied bed sheets together and lowered themselves 20 stories down. they were disever cored missing during an early morning headcount. officials are not sure when the pair escaped. s.w.a.t. teams stormed the house where they thought the men might be, no one was there. both are facing heavy sentences on bank robbing convictions, fbi calls them armed and dangerous. developing news in oakland, a fire sends a security guard to the hospital. it is where the fire started that has police investigating. bay area photo sharing service will have to find
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another way to turn a profit.
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it is wednesday, 5:00 good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas and it is so cold you might want to contract seat warmers let's not get into that discussion again. mike the forecast please. any way to keep warm is a good way in morning. live doppler radar and satellite, lack of radar returns, lack of clouds, we are unbone dry air this

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